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Generally, refunds are only provided if an order cannot be fulfilled. In the rare event that we are unable to fulfil your order due to circumstances beyond our control, such as stock shortages, damaged goods or logistical reasons, a refund will be issued promptly via the original payment method. Please note that we are unable to offer refunds for any other reasons, including changes in personal circumstances or dissatisfaction with the products effects.

If there are any problems with goods that have been received, they must be reported within 7 days of the delivery date with photographic evidence and a copy of the email that confirmed the order. If goods are not received, we may be contacted to track the order ourselves. If specified as lost, we will send out a replacement order as soon as we can.

All cases will be reviewed by our dispatch manager upon receipt of the correspondence containing the order information and evidence.


For legal, safety and regulatory reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges of medications once they have left our premises. Medications are considered to be controlled substances and once they have left the pharmacy, they cannot be returned or resold due to safety and legal reasons. Also, pharmaceutical products are sensitive to temperature, light and humidity. As a result, returning them could compromise their quality and effectiveness.

All medications are checked before being sent, however, if there appears to be damage to the packaging sustained during delivery, we will review the evidence provided, investigate the matter thoroughly and work with you to find a resolution. In this event, it is important to mention that any unwanted medications are disposed of properly through a pharmacy registered with the Return Unwanted Medicine Scheme.


We take chargebacks very seriously and will strongly contest any chargeback requests made by customers. Any customer who initiates a chargeback will be banned from using our services in the future. We encourage customers to contact us directly to resolve any issues without resorting to doing a chargeback. We will not tolerate any abuse of the chargeback process.

We hope that customers will provide us with the information we need to resolve any problems which may arise with either the products we send or the couriers we assign for delivery. Our customer support crew are always available to help with any queries that may arise through live chat, however, further action and evidence supporting your claim for a refund will need to be sent via email with attachments.


In the event of any disputes or disagreements, we encourage open and honest communication. With claims for refunds or replacements, we hope that notification and evidence are provided to our dispatch manager as quickly as possible so we can rectify the issue promptly. As soon as we receive what we need to investigate, we will get to work assessing your claim. Please contact us using the contact details, which can be found at the foot of our homepage modafinil2australia.com.